Flesh and Bone by Kathi Crawford

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Ephemeral Elegies

Part One—


Birth upon birth upon birth made us;

a miracle of inherited flesh and bone.


Our tethered hearts severed

the day you left me at the door;

my forehead pressed against

the glass as rivulets of tears

drained from my eyes.


Part Two—


It is said mothers raise daughters

and love their sons.


You believed I could be contained.


Instead, I emerged a woman

bawling and bellowing,

a brown bear

raised on her hind legs,

fingers clawed.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Kathi Crawford spends her days as a business and career coach and, by night, writes poetry, flash fiction and creative nonfiction. She hopes to create dialogue through her writing for the challenges of our time and as individuals. Her poetry has been featured in Drunk Monkeys. You can find her on Instagram @kathicrawford or visit her blog at https://adventureinbeingcom.wordpress.com/ or website: www.peoplepossibilities.com.

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